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Welcome to Country Health Clinic, a cornerstone of holistic healthcare for over forty-five years. We stand out with our integrative approach to healthcare by using exceptional services at affordable prices. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing personalized care to everyone who walks through our doors. With a commitment to accessibility and excellence, Country Health Clinic invites you to discover the difference experience makes on your path to optimal health.

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Mark Kennington

DC, M.S.

Dr. Mark Kennington is a distinguished chiropractor with a master’s degree in functional nutrition. He possesses an unwavering passion for improving the lives of his numerous patients with varying lifestyles. As a dedicated practitioner specializing in functional nutrition, Dr. Kennington has collaborated with notable figures like Miss America contestants, professional basketball and soccer players, college football players, college volleyball players, and even celebrities seeking cameo appearances. Through his commitment to a personalized approach to nutrition and exercises, he has consistently facilitated the attainment of their health and wellness objectives, whether it pertains to enhancing athletic performance, managing chronic health conditions, or fostering a sense of optimal well-being.

Natalie Fuss


Natalie Fuss is a Naturopathic Doctor, born at Mountain Home, Idaho AFB. In 1983 Natalie joined the US Air Force and went into electronics, it was there that Natalie met her husband, Jeff Fuss. Along with raising children and a few animals, Natalie enjoyed racing horses. Natalie joined the Country Health team in 2008, working with Dr. Klassen, attending education classes in nutrition, health and natural healing. Natalie received her Doctor of Naturopathy from Kingdom College of Natural Health in 2018.

Randy Vawdrey


Randy Vawdrey grew up in the Salt Lake City, Utah area where he was active in athletics, student leadership and family. He attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. He has served as the COO of Physicians Immediate Care Center since 2005. Randy joined the team at Country Health in 2018. He has helped to balance the integrative health and wellness in the Country Health Clinic. Integrative Health and Wellness is an alternative practice and approach to combine conventional medicine with complementary and alternative practices for the purpose of optimizing health. Randy has a great understanding of the nature of health and healing and takes into consideration the whole-body healing approach. When not working, Randy enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife LaChere and five children. He is actively involved in his church and other community based engagements.

Kristine Burgemeister


Dr. Klassen’s daughter, owner of Country Health Clinic. Nutrition and health are a passion. Watching people become healthier, improving their lifestyle, and gaining an understanding of health, diet and nutrition is a rewarding part of her life. Kristine enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin and their children and grandchildren.

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